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TeslaOS.io Waze
Go to Waze, with the real-time positioning of your Tesla and benefit from the alerts on the map (works, traffic, font, ...)
Recall official with Tesla Vin
Look for reminders related to your Tesla by indicating your wine number.
Klaxons for BoomBox
Selected MP3s and added regularly and you can download to store them on a USB key for use with the boombox function of your TESLA.
To make calculations in your Tesla :)
Clocks to display while driving!
Ambiances Feux de foyer
A selection by Teslaos.io of fireplace fires to relax! To put in full screen to enjoy even more :)
Ambiances Zen
A selection by Teslaos.io of Zen atmosphere to relax or relax your young children! To put in full screen to enjoy even more :)
Groupe fb Modèle S Québec
For Quebec fans of Tesla's model. All the latest information on model S in Quebec! News, Software tests, tips and tricks, ...
A selection of karaoke music in French and English to make some parties in the Tesla !!
TeslaOS.io TV
A regular selection and addition of interesting videos on Tesla and our Teslaos.io TV channel.
Discover your Modèle S
A series of videos made by Tesla to discover your model S!
Manual Tesla Modèle 3
Find the official owner's manual in French model 3!
Manual Tesla Modèle S
Manual of the official driver of the Tesla S model in French!
Manual Tesla Modèle X
Tesla X model driver's manual in French!
Manual Tesla Modèle Y
Tesla Y model driver's manual, available in English only for the moment!