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     Welcome! TeslaOS.io is an application environment for Tesla cars and it's completely free!
     The environment is available on the web browser of your Tesla, your android tablet or ipad, pc, mac, ...

Updating new features every month and adding / creating new applications
The TeslaOS.io environment changes regularly and you can find in our "version details" section the details of the updates made!
Creation of applications for Tesla cars!
In addition to existing web applications compatible with the Tesla web browser (Video services, Atmospheres, Navigation & charging, games, etc.), we create applications of various kinds (Contacts, Notes, Tasks, Appointments, Calculator , Converter, Car IP address, Meters and gauges, Mileage tracking, Games, etc.)
Web links
You can add and manage your favorites and web links and benefit from the application search engine.
Tesla Expenses
Manage the details of your expenses for your Tesla (Dealer, Recharge, Modification, etc ...)
Contact / Equipment
Manage your contacts, family, friends, suppliers, customers, equipment, projects, cars, etc ... and Call your contacts directly from your Tesla
Informations / Notes
Manage your information or notes on your contacts / equipment. Create keywords! and find the information via the TeslaOS.io application search engine
Appointment / Meeting
Manage the appointments associated with your contacts / equipment
Manage daily tasks and prioritize your personal and professional tasks
Physical Constant
constant Manage the health data and follow the evolution of the weight with real weight and objective of weight, tension, heart rate, etc ... for you or the members of your family, contacts, animals, etc ...
And others apps as Timesheet, Budget management, ...
Manage your timesheet, invoicing, personal budget, bank account, transaction by category, ...
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